Jowett 7/17 Long Two 1927.

This Jowett 7/17 Long Two 907cc engined, twin cylinder, side valve car could car reach 50 MPH in 1923. This car was registered in 1927.

In 1926, two Jowett 7/17 Long Two cars crossed 3000 miles of Africa when there were few if any roads and fuel and parts would have been almost impossible to find. The journey took Frank Grey and Jack Sawyer 60 days (49 running days) with each car towing a trailer containing all they needed for the journey. This was a risky adventure in 1926. To answer critics who doubted that the cars would make the journey, the words wait, and see, were painted on the side of the cars.

The car has a 907cc twin cylinder side valve engine.

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